Summer, my favorite time of the year.  This Summer I’m going to a scout camp at Hawk Mountain.  Also I will be waking up at 5:00 in the morning to go to swim practices.  I think this is going to be a great Summer, considering all the thing that I will do this Summer.

Like I said I am going to a Boy Scout Camp at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation.  Hawk Mountain is in the mountains of Pennsylvania about three hours away from my home.  There I will be able to shoot shotguns, eat from a Chicken-Mobile, and be 156 miles away from my sisters.  I am definitely looking forward to shooting a 12 gauge shotgun at camp.  I will also spend the week learning first aid, wood carving, swimming,  and Pioneering.  Pioneering is learning how people lived and did things without modern technology.

I am sort of looking forward to early morning swim practices this Summer.  I will have to wake up at 5:00 AM, ride my bike down to the Southern Walk Pool, swim for two hours for my year-round swim team, get back on my bike and ride over to the Community Center Pool, swim for forty-five minutes for my Summer swim team, and then ride home.  It would be easy unless you live on top of a hill, like me.  I might be bragging about this, but my coaches will have me swimming in the 15-and up lane at my Summer swim practice.  I think you could say that I swim too much.

I think that this summer will be a great Summer,  blasting clays out of the sky,  and swimming my guts out.  I think I will have a lot of fun this Summer.


DSC_3462 Fabrizio Fogliani via Compfight


This is a hyperlink to Hawk Mountains’ website:  Hawk Mountain   The website has info about other activities.

Question:  Since I will be swimming so much this Summer, who holds the world record for the Olympic 200 meter Freestyle?

Post your answer and where you found your answer in the comments below.